11 Tips To Write SEO Friendly Content In 2020

SEO Friendly Content Writing Tips

Writing is an artistic skill. With the boom of technology and the internet, Search Engine Optimized Writing has made it to the top writing skills. SEO friendly Content helps to rank higher in the search engines which ultimately increases your business without consuming a lot of marketing budget. There are a lot of tips and tricks which can make your content look attractive, unique and SEO friendly. Through this post, we will have a look at some of these beneficial tips which can help all the writers to a great extent.

  1. Design a Structure for you post

Before you start writing, you should have a clear picture of what you are going to write. So you should always start by creating a clear structure of the post which includes the flow of the content.

  1. Use of Headings

Headings play an important role in structuring the content. They give a few words summary of the topic that you are writing about. Not only that, but headings also help search engines to understand a long post easily and help in higher ranking of the post.

  1. Use of Paragraphs

Writing in the form of logically divided paragraphs is one of the best styles of writing. This kind of writing never goes out of style. Paragraphs should be divided in such a way that each paragraph has its own idea and importance. It makes the content more attractive and professional.

  1. Use Catchy Words/Phrases

The use of engaging words or phrases grabs the audience’s attention quickly. They not only complete your content but also add a character to the post. Many of these words can direct the audience towards a product or brand in a very subtle way. Hence, the use of the right kind of words is of utmost importance.

  1. Stick to Word Limit

Usually, the word limit of SEO based articles are at least 300 words. Sometimes it may extend depending on the topic and requirements. Sometimes writers tend to write more than required which may actually frustrate the readers, losing their interest in the post. So optimizing the length of the article is as important as good writing skills.

  1. Use of Keywords

As the name suggests keywords are those relevant words using which usually search about a topic on the internet. If those appropriate words are available in your content they appear in public search which helps to generate a higher ranking.

  1. Make Regular Content Additions to the Website

Adding fresh content to the website regularly keeps the search engines informed that yours is an active website. Not adding any content for days may degrade the ranking of the Website. Regular additions make the website look active and maintain it’s ranking.

  1. Use Bullet Points

We already discussed, style of writing in the form of paragraphs never goes out of style. But sometimes it happens, the reader does not have time to go through the whole article and wants to know about the topic from a high level. In such cases, bullet points catch the immediate attention of the reader and give a birds-eye view of the topic. So this is another preferable way of writing where all the key points or information is written in the form of pointers.

  1. Research About the Topic

Sometimes we all get to write on a subject that we are not aware of. Rather than writing anything for the sake of it is not a good idea here. A writer should search for the topic using the Internet and read any previous blogs or articles on the same. This will help in generating quality content. Like keywords, catchy words or perfect grammar play a significant role in writing, likewise, relevant and meaningful content is almost important.

  1. Proofreading

We all know the role of proofreading and read it once we are done with the writing part. But once you have written the article, getting it reviewed by a second person is another great idea. The other person may suggest some improvements or additions which you might have missed. So proofreading should not only mean self-reading but also getting it reviewed by others.

  1. Use of Content Optimization Tools

Your content may seem flawless to you but it may have some grammatical errors which are sometimes difficult to find. So the use of Grammar Corrector tools like Grammarly can help to a great extent. It not only helps in correcting the grammar but also suggests new words or synonyms which can be used as a replacement to another word. Another very popular tool called Copyscape can help you check plagiarism if any. In the Writing Job,  copied content is considered unacceptable and shameful. So before you submit your articles, checking the plagiarism is very important to make sure the content is unique.

These were few super hacks to create flawless SEO friendly content. Using these, you can generate beautiful write-ups regardless of the topic or the purpose for which you are writing.


Writing is not an easy job and especially when your writing can generate you revenue. Every individual or writer may have a completely different style of writing but there are a couple of hacks everyone should follow who is writing content for Websites or SEO purposes. We discussed these must use tips and tricks. Using these you will slowly but surely master this whole SEO Writing game. If you have any other tips which can help please feel free to share them with us.