How to get AdSense for New Blog

How to Get Approved From Google Adsense

Many people write blogs on the online platform or want to be a successful blogger, but if they make some minor mistakes, then they can fail from getting an AdSense for their blogs. In this blog, I will tell you about the main reason behind the failure of getting the Google AdSense for the efforts you have made on writing a new blog. Moreover, I will also explain to you the ways to get an AdSense and also resolving the problem on your website and also increase the traffic on your blogs so that more people visit your content and read it.

Make use of time on the Internet

The foremost thing that you have to do to get the AdSense is to plan your schedule; you will be working on the Internet as part-time. You can easily make money from inline by utilizing your free time on Google or other social sites, but it will not make you look professional and will not suit your style as well.

You can quickly get the online AdSense service on your blog and can make money through it, but it will require you to have the patience for at least 15-20 days to get your blogs or website enough traffic. When you get the approval from Google AdSense, then more people will visit your blog and will also give your review.

Make use of time in a suitable and useful platform

You will be needed to research a lot online about the best platform on the social site, which suits the type of blog you write. And to do this, you are required to follow the following steps:

  • Search on the YouTube channel, and you will get links to three sites that promote the blog related to your topic.
  • The platform will increase the traffic on your posts, so you need to search for such an audience beforehand.
  • You must choose the platform for your blog, which has the audience, which is high in participation, and it will ultimately encourage you to write more.

Make a free blog

To prevent yourself from falling into the list of failures, you must not invest money into your new blog, or else you can suffer a considerable loss. It is highly recommended to make a blog which is freely available to all the interested readers so that this will make more audience to visit your page and will follow it eventually.

In the beginning, create a blog that is free for all the people, and when it reaches near to your first target, you can add price to it. If your audience has got in your blogs, then they will pay for it, and this is how you can earn from the blog writing online. With more people reading your blogs, you will get encouragement as well as feedback to enhance the quality of your content.

Write useful blogs

The next step for you to follow is that you must post the articles that are useful for everyone and contains the relevant information that might help your readers in many ways. Your item must be on the topic that is famous among large numbers of people.

Your blog must be consistent and must share such knowledge that can prove to be beneficial to people of such a community. You eventually will get the benefits to enjoy a large number of readers. And they can also enhance their knowledge about that topic and learn something new whenever you will post.

The content is everything, and on whatever topic you write must be rich in quality. Your blog must be informative as well as attractive, and for that, you can add relatable photos to it and make it more readable. You can add a bullet point also to beautify your article and bring more people to view it. It is not necessary to focus on the keywords while writing as you can still get the views if your content is original and attractive and people reading it finds it to be relatable and likes it too. Your article can get money even without using the main keywords while writing.

Choose best templates

wordpress templates

The template is as important as the excellent content for your blog. The reason behind using a good template is that it attracts more people to view it and also looks fabulous and formal. It makes it easier for your readers to read your words and even built a better understanding of what exactly you want to write and what you mean to make other people know. The template available freely has the sign of footer credit to make sure that the right of copyright is not violated. And if you search for the models that do not indicate footer credit, then it is highly possible that you would not like it. To resolve this problem, all you can do is to search in the YouTube video about how to remove the footer credit from the template. Then, apply the procedure to the template that you have chosen for your blog, and you will get it without any footer credit.

Apply for the Google AdSense

After that you have used your desirable templates on your blog, you can add your main details about the website, such as About Us, Contact Us, Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Site Map Pages. With all these templates, your website looks almost professional, and then you can apply for the Google AdSense.

It is essential to keep in mind that it is better to apply for it after six months of using your web page so that you can make it ready in appearance as well as the number of followers that are already there before applying. In the meantime, you can add relevant content, make your web page SEO friendly. You must also submit the URL and the Sitemaps to Google with the help of Google Webmaster tools. You can also analyze the performance of your webpage using the Google Analytics tools so that you can keep a close eye on your page and also enhance the return if it is not up to the mark.

Essential tips to follow before applying for AdSense :

  • If you are writing a blog and you are not from the following countries, then AdSense is not accepted before using your page for at least six months. Countries such as Europe, the USA, and Canada have their blogs taken before six months.
  • You should avoid writing blogs about adult content. It may bring viewers in a double amount, but it will not get approval from Google for AdSense. The reason behind that is that Google is an educational search engine and will not promote such content for entertainment.
  • Your content should be on your own and must not be copied from other websites. If you paste other bloggers’ content, then it will violate the rule of copyright, and you will also not get any views; also, forget about the approval from AdSense.
  • It is essential to keep a note of the significant fact that your website must contain 10 to 12 original contents that you have written before the application, or it may create hurdles in the path of the approval.
  • The age is also one of the most critical factors while becoming a blogger. You must be at least 18 years old before applying for the AdSense for your website. It is because of the security issues related mainly to prevent any violation of the community guideline.
  • The feature of good navigation is also essential for the benefit of your blog. The navigation helps your reader in getting the link that leads directly to the homepage. It makes it more comfortable for your viewer to scan your content and can go to any related reference by clicking on the link that you have provided.
  • The traffic of viewers can sometimes not increase on your blogs if you are running your page anonymously. Sometimes, viewers, when relating to your article, generates eagerness to know about you as a person. And if he finds your personality right, then there is a high chance of getting more people to read your content. So, it is essential to give some formal introduction to yourself and also attach the original photo of yours so that they have some more interest in your article.
  • You must copyright you before posting it so that no one will take advantage of your efforts, and only you will be given credit for your work. You can sign up on my free copyright to make your content yours only by getting a sign on it, which indicates that it is you. AdSense does not approve your content, so it is straightforward for other people to copy your content and paste them on their page with their name.
  • With the help of the Google search, you can increase the number of visitors on your page and also make a note of the fact that the viewers visiting your web page is not as important as your good content.

Rejection of approval

After that you have made so many efforts for about six months, if you get a rejection for the approval of AdSense, then it must be something that you may be sad about it. But on the brighter side, you will be happy to know that you can resolve this big problem of rejection. You can search it online to get approval even after getting the rejection.

Buy a domain

After getting failed from not getting the approval from Google for AdSense, now is the time to buy a domain for your website. There are so many domains available as such .com,.in,.net,.info, and others, but it is your responsibility to choose the best domain which will help you in getting approval and will also be proved as worthy of your money. You have to research online for the best area for the type of article you write so that you get maximum traffic on your page.

And from there, you might fall into the pool of other problems by not getting the redirection from HTTP to HTTPS, and to resolve this, you need to use the Hosting service.

 Use a free Hosting

When you are getting a problem is not able to redirect from HTTP to HTTPS, then you need to set up hosting. As you have already bought a domain, so it will be a simple step to obtain the Hosting also so, you must use the Hosting, which is free so that you do not have to spend unnecessarily on something that you can get in free.

Then you have to create an account on the Hosting site and add its link with your domain that you have bought. It might be possible that the Hosting site that you are using does not offer you the SSL certificate, so you need to change the setting of Domain DNS only.

Reset Domain DNS

After that, you have reset the setting of your domain DNA, and then you have to again reply for the approval from Google for AdSense. In the end, you will get the support only if you have followed these above-written steps. Then after that, you can make your page look professional in looks and more readable.


Using the AdSense for your blog is considered a good idea as it brings more viewers to it and also helps you in making money. I profoundly hope that this article might have helped you in how to get the AdSense to your new blog. And if Google is not approving the AdSense for your blog, then this article might have helped in resolving such a problem. It also may have had helped you in knowing how to write a blog in such a way that it increases the viewer and helps you in earning money through it.