Top Seven Best WordPress Hosting

Top Seven Best wordpress hosting

WordPress hosting is a cloud-based infrastructure approach that provides a certain level of scalability. However, WordPress hosting is distinguished as crucial parameters that are always disregarded by bloggers. In contemporary business, every corporate associate needs to integrate with WordPress hosting services as this enables the newly established company to promote its corporate activities, making itself visible in the digital market era.

Some suggestions for selecting the best WordPress hosting in a new startup in 2020 are discussed below. From the below tips, the WordPress theme can be chosen based on the suitability, objective, and limitation of the business. So, let’s get started by analyzing some of the best 2020 WordPress hosting providers that will insure promoting your website and blogs.


hostinger banner

This option is evidenced to be one of the preferred hosting providers for beginners. The exceptional supportive associates, along with excellent features of Hostinger, make it user-friendly for the beginners. After investigating reviews in the digital market, it has been concluded out of 10 pros; there are merely two cons of Hostinger. So now, here are ten reasons for you to select Hostinger if you are new to the field of corporate. For those who are planning to target the European market can incorporate with Hostinger

  • Hostinger is fast with 143 ms speed, which enables its users to accomplish their tasks, in no worries and times.
  • 99.9% of uptime legal assurance is always rendered as major influential factors before picking web hosting providers.
  • Faster loading with the Cache manager emphasizes formulating values for its users by defending their time and efforts.
  • Several benefits (1-Click installer, PHP7 Support, Git Support, Optimizer for WordPress, and many others) help the users to improve their cognitive skills as they can explore more peculiarities in WordPress, as a source for promoting their brand image.
  • Responsive support is another primary reason to select this hosting provider. You are required to deal with enormous new practices for which useful guidance is necessary and which can be gained using Hostinger. Herein, Hostinger 24*7 support teams are active in mitigating every kind of question its users encounter.
  • Beginners always lack in the capital. Understanding their grievances, Hostinger facilitates the free domain. 
  • Ultimate features that contribute to the final usage of website, Bandwidth, Email access, and SSD storage are some of the essential reasons again for corporate associates to select Hostinger.
  • The higher introductory price which differentiates in this WordPress hosting provider from its competitors.
  • Last but the least, Hostinger also owns the zyro Website Builders, which offers the users sustained holistic experiences.

Hence, when you want entirely to wet your feet in the river of the blogging business, you can rely on Hostinger. Their combination of insanely low pricing with excellent services is an unbeatable point for making value to your money.


godaddy banner

GoDaddy is defined as a founder in the hosting industry who foremost started their journey in web business with a domain name. It WordPress hosting provider is fast as well as simple and is optimized for its effortless updates, reliability, speed, due to which the platform has been rated 4.7 out of 5.0. Their hosting facilitates various features like 24*7 availability of support team, security updates, automatic WordPress core software, free access to professional Email, temporary domain name, free backup facilities, website builders, migration, and many other relevant features that can ease its users to coordinate with the changing trends. Despite its identified features, GoDaddy renders a premium pricing strategy in the market.

On the contrary to the context, GoDaddy hosting business plans have successfully gained massive visualization and customers loyalty in the market due to its accurate selection of Windows-based plans and Linux. Besides, the main attraction is the slogan of 30 days money-back guarantee. GoDaddy provides its users with a variety of features with which they can sustain an in-depth understanding of WordPress. However, the functions are not defined to be as unusual that they can engage its users, due to which the platform is rated 4.0 out of 5.0 in the context of features.   


bluehost banner

BlueHost has identified as one of the leading brands in the market of the web hosting industry, and in the current situation that this hosting provider has 2 million users across the globe. The features provided by BlueHost enable you to promote your websites and blogs with a wide range of options. Besides, this hosting provider offers its users an anti-spam solution that is built in the cPanel for free. Cloudflare integration, which helps existing corporate units boost their visibility, can be determined as a significant reason for selecting BlueHost. Bluehost understands the significance of security for its users for protecting their sensitive information for which the company offers unique SSL, SiteLock, and IPs protection. Therefore, all the advanced features provided by BlueHost differentiate it from other Web hosting providers.


hostpapa banner

In the contemporary business environment landscape, customers get attracted to the business policies that render a solid portrayal of Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR). Hence, customer-centric corporations emphasize exhibiting their CSR activities to sustain customer loyalty along with a competitive edge in the market. Before the increasing trend of CSR approaches within the business era, HostPapa is identified as the foremost WordPress hosting spot who committed to go green and is completely empowered by renewable energy. As per the survey report, HostPapa sustains 4.8 ratings out of 5.0 in the world of WordPress Hosting.

It’s 30 days money-back guarantee, 100 GB SSD Unlimited Disk Space, and FREE domain name for full one year are some of the other differentiated services that are offered by HostPapa to its users, rather than an image of being indulged into CSR approaches. For its Corporate Pro users, HostPapa proffers 300% of a performance boost, ensuring that the site visitors do not bounce down due to the low loading time. Rather than this, the site owners can also explore performance-enhancing mechanisms that are compatible with the HostPapa platforms, with almost 15,000 plugins. In the context of reliability, HostPapa has been rated 4.8 out of 5.0.

So here are some reasons discussed that could encourage you to select HostPapa:

1) free domain,

2) Word-Press ready backends,

3) intuitive interface,

4) high-uptime guarantee,

5) around-the-clock supporting facilities,

6) unlimited bandwidth

7) trending green approach.

Media Temple 

media temple banner

Media Temple is a WordPress Hosting platform that caters inexperienced site owners while offering services that would be highly appreciated by every veteran developer. The WordPress hosting rate of Media Temple is 4.7 out of 5.0 due to its high performing stable formulation, which comes with standard hosting plans. It gives the Media Temple users a noticeable boost in performance, immediately. Any site owners hunting for specific associated features like automated backups, updates of the WordPress, MySQL, PHP, enhanced security protection, multiple environmental staging, and security site migration can consider Media Temple as their destinations for boosting their corporate performance in the market. Besides, due to its Malware removal and detection, SFTP access, and 24*7 supportive via services through Email, phone, and chat, Media Temple is rated 4.9 out of 5.0 as a WordPress hosting provider.

A2 Hosting 

a2hosting banner

A2 Hosting offers its user speedy hosting along with a high-performance guarantee that eventually attributes valuable outcomes and approaches to the WordPress user. Due to this mirror, several high quick performances that encompass unlimited bandwidth and storage, highly optimized platform availability, and solid-state drives rate A2 hosting 4.9 out of 5.0. Other available features like free SSL certificate, free access of account migration, proactive securities measures, 20x faster speed at solid-state drives, and 24*7*365 Guru crew support, rate A2 Hosting brand 4.8 out of 5.0 in the digital market. On the contrary, the advanced systematic features of A2 Hosting does not come at a cheaper rate. Despite the expensive approach, the positive outcomes that would be sustained by the A2 hosting users cannot be ignored.


hostgator banner

Some of the advantages, for which HostGator is considered as user-friendly WordPress platform is its intuitive cPanel dashboard, free Google AdWords credits, diverse transparent offers, addon domains along with subdomains. Rather than these features, HostGator offers its customers unmetered bandwidth, which indicates that no matter what, your site will never be crashed or slow down by the time of extreme traffic. Besides, in the context of reliability, HostGator is rated 5.0 out of 5.0, which renders the first position in the digital corporate market. Comparing with the other WordPress hosting platform, HostGator guarantees 99.9% security to its users. It determines that while using HostGator, your site will potentially experience barely 42 minutes of breakdown every month.

Selecting the best WordPress theme is a trick, failing, which can drain all your efforts made for making your brand visible and noticeable in the digital world. On the contrary, if the right choices are made while analyzing above mentioned WordPress hosting platforms, it may lead to highly promoting the brand image while creating a vast customer base.