What are the best WordPress plugins?

What are the best WordPress plugins?

In the WordPress plugin catalog, there are more than 30,000 plugins which are introduced till now. Also, there are more than 1000 plugins on third-party websites. So it is challenging for new blogger to find the right plugin for their website. 

To maintain the speed, security, and user-friendliness of your website, the most crucial step is to choose the right plugin. So in this article, we will see which are the best WordPress plugins for your websites. 

Do Plugins are essential for a website? 

The basic building blocks for any WordPress website are plugins. Plugins bring more functionality to your website, such as increase site speed, add contact forms, create an online store, offer email opt-ins, or improve SEO. 

These things are done with the help of the best WordPress plugins. 

As we have seen, there are 50 thousand plus plugins available to choose from it. However, the question is, which are the best WordPress plugins for your websites. So let us see which are those plugins. 

10 Best WordPress Plugins

    1. Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin
    2. Jetpack WordPress Plugin
    3. Akismet Anti-spam Plugin
    4. Wordfence Security Plugin
    5. Contact Form 7
    6. WooCommerce plugin
    7. Social Snap
    8. PushEngage Plugin
    9. Broken Line checker
    10. Google Analytics for WordPress

  1. Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin

    What are the best WordPress plugins?

    Yoast SEO is one of the plugins which is most prevalent in public and has got a lot of love from people. The people who have their blog or website mostly uses this Yoast SEO plugin. You will rarely find any website which does not have a Yoast SEO plugin in it.  

    The advantage of the Yoast SEO plugin is you can set your main keyword, the alt attributes of your images, the meta description, SEO title, slug, and it also suggests the best practices for good readability. The Yoast plugin helps cover all on-page and off-page activities. 

    It is one of the best WordPress pluginsbecause it tells you how to improve your SEO of website or blog, how to improve your work, and mostly when everything is done, it will show you green light too. 

    Jetpack WordPress Plugin

    What are the best WordPress plugins?

    A jetpack is built by Automattic, which is a multi-featured plugin that will change your website completely. With the help of this plugin, you will get help in marketing, design, and security. Behind WordPress, people have made this plugin, and this is the reason why this plugin is most popular. With the help of this plugin, you can prevent hackers from brute-forcing your blog’s login page, add a contact form, monitor downtime of your website, track page views of your website, auto-publicize your blog posts, and many more things are possible with the help of jetpack. This jetpack comes in free and paid plans, so all the features are not free.  

    Akismet Anti-spam Plugin

    What are the best WordPress plugins?

    The most popular plugin which is downloaded after the Yoast Plugin is the Akismet Anti-spam plugin, which is one of the best WordPress plugins. Akismet is the plugin that automatically blocks spam comments that you will face from day one.  

    We are not aware of how we will be spam, either it can be malicious content, promotional links, entirely by mistake, or irrelevant stories. If you own a business, then it is tough to filter it out, so with the Akismet Anti-spam plugin, it is beneficial to you. This plugin is useful for the business owner and the blogs which receive ten comments a day. 

    Wordfence Security Plugin

    What are the best WordPress plugins?

    When it comes to secure or keep your website safe is Wordfence security plugin. By putting a firewall on your website Wordfence protect your website from malicious attack. The feature of that can ensure your blog stays safe from hackers to make this plugin one of the best WordPress plugins. 

    For the security of your website, Wordfence is the one on which you can rely. This plugin will give your website complete protection and will never give you a chance of any complaint. 

    Contact Form 7

    What are the best WordPress plugins?

    When you want to create simple and effective contact forms for your blog, nothing is best than Contact Form 7. This is the most popular and free plugin for contact forms. Themost straightforward plugin to configure is Contact form 7; also, it is free, easy to configure, and efficient. This plugin provides CAPTCHA and Ajax submitting of the Contact form. This plugin can be used by anyone, whether you are a blog owner or a website owner.  

    WooCommerce plugin

    What are the best WordPress plugins?

    If you want to turn your website into an online store, then the wooCommerce plugin is the best one. The feature of endless customization makes this plugin the best WordPress plugins. With the help of the wooCommerce plugin, you can sell both physical and digital goods. With the wooCommerce plugin, you can add product variations, extensive payment methods links, and many more things. 

    Social Snap

    What are the best WordPress plugins?

    As we know that social media marketing is the most famous and popular way to grow your business online. Also, social media marketing has become a significant ranking factor for SEO.  

    With the help of the social snap, you can add sharing buttons on both your desktop and mobile sites, which makes this plugin the top social media plugin. It is famous for platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, WhatsApp, and many more. 

    PushEngage Plugin

    What are the best WordPress plugins?

    If you want to diver more traffic to your blog, then you should go with the Push engage plugin as it will add a new way for your blog reader and subscriber. It specializes in adding web push technology; it will send a notification to subscribe to your blog updates for the users who are using Chrome, Safari, or Firefox browsers.  

    Whenever you upload or put any blog on the website, your subscribers will get a push notification of that blog. This plugin allows you to send manual push notifications to gather more traffic. 

    Broken Line checker

    What are the best WordPress plugins?

    The broken lines are the deadline, which decreases the SEO ranking of your website. So to eliminate these lines is very necessary. So a free plugin Broken Link Checker is introducing which continuously checks for the broken lines in your blog; it scans the blog for the broken line and allows it to get the fix with one click. 

    So this is one the best WordPress plugins as it gives the fix of the problem on its own and also eliminates the broken lines from the blogs or website so that you can quickly regain your SEO back. 

    Google Analytics for WordPress

    The other best WordPress plugin is google analytics for WordPress, specially made for those who are having big plans with their websites. Google Analytics is used to make the connection between your WordPress site and Google Analytics easier. Without leaving your dashboard, you can monitor your stat cause this plugin a very different and unique as compare to other plugins.  

     These are some of the best WordPress plugins available in the market. As with the help of these plugins, you can manage your website’s and the blog’s SEO. Plus, plugins significantly improve the user experience, implying more robust engagement and better possibilities of transferring more vast audiences. 

    If you are hanged on which plugins to add first, these popular, trusted plugins will help you start.

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